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Media & Business 

Chief Executive Officer & Founder Of 

Shonellis Music Entertainment LLC At

Urban Beats Radio II

Shonellis Trendi Boutique

Whipple-Tompkins Mobile Notary Service

2 x Best Selling Author

"Reshon Ellis"   Of  The Narcisstic Game

Insight  & Pointers On

The Darkside Of The Truth

For Empaths

The Narcisstic Game is Spiritual, Motivational,

Engaging, Intriguing, & Thought Provoking

offering boutiful insight on how to proceed
in  Narcisstic Relationships on many levels.

It can also be used

as a guide as we navigate ourselves on making

the best decisions as we grow through our

personal and professional lives.

And to never accept less than what we deserve!


Click Link Below  To Purchase

EKindle Book December 3, 2023

Via Amazon:

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Also  On

To Purchase The Narcisstic Game Internationally Click Links Below To Purchase E Kindle Book December 3, 2023 Via Amazon: US UK DE FR ES IT NL JP BR CA MX AU IN






& Co-Author Of Amazon Best Seller & International

Best Seller "Iron Sharpens Iron"

Inspired To Achieve, Think, & Grow Volume III

With Dr. Larry White Sr. 6xBest Selling Author

Foreword By: Cortne Lee Smith

A Collaboration With 16 Amazing Authors

Business Experts In Their Ministry & Marketplace

This Book Compilation Project is designed to 

empower and inspire excellence in




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